Equipment Leasing

Unsecured Loan Guy can help you obtain financing for almost every type of equipment for any industry. You need the right tools to achieve your business goals, and Unsecured Loan Guy helps achieve them. We can help you with business equipment leasing and equipment loans that fit your business needs. All of our financing options are fully customizable to fit you and your business needs. We make it a priority to understand your individual goals, and help you secure the most financially viable options for achieving them.

We work with a wide range of business types, including medical, software, manufacturing, commerce, food services, automotive, and much more. If you are looking for equipment funding or financing to grow, modify, or keep your business up-to-date, then our dedicated team is here to help you discover the best equipment leasing and financing options to accomplish just that.

Put the stress of financing equipment behind you. Unsecured Loan Guy is here to help you find the best financing option to make your goals possible. You do what you do best, run your business, provide the highest quality of goods and services to your customers and leave the financing to us!

  • Loan amount is 100% of the purchase price of the equipment being leased
  • Programs range from 2 to 4 years
  • Cost for equipment leasing is 1.89% per month
  • Payments made monthly by check
  • Bankruptcies and tax liens are handled case by case
  • Minimum $25,000.00 lease is required
  • There is a $1.00 buyout option for every lease
  • Minimum 600 FICO to apply with an application and full equipment specifications and photos